Sahil Khan Sandwiched Between Bikini Babes

Sahil Khan Sandwiched Between Bikini Babes

Sahil Khan Sandwiched Between Bikini Babes

The former Bollywood actor, Sahil Khan, calls himself India’s Fitness Icon these days and spends his days taking gym selfies and posing in the pool with bikini-clad women.

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Remember Sahil Khan. He made his Bollywood debut with the forgettable flick Style, and then later grabbed headlines thanks to his friendship with Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha Shroff and the fall-out that followed.

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He was also briefly married to the Iranian item girl Negar Khan who was deported from the country in 2004.

Say, Sahil Khan’s personal life has always been more interesting than his acting resume.

sahil khan girlfriend
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And one look at his Instagram page will once again prove that Sahil, who recently turned 43, is living it up away from the spotlight.

He has over a million followers on Instagram and calls himself India’s fitness icon. He runs a gym in Goa and seems to be surrounded by bikini-clad women at all times.

sahil khan girlfriends

So, what do you think about Sahil Khan’s antics? We are sure that it is the bikini-clad women who are the major attraction for the Instagram crowd because the exhibitionism is rather cringe-worthy otherwise.

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